I started playing the drums as a child and gradually picked up the piano and guitar. When I discovered that I could record myself playing different instruments, recording became my obsession. By the time I was 16, I was engineering records for a handful of artists in the Northwest and became the youngest member of the local Musicians' Union. As my reputation grew, I began working with artists from all over the country.


At 19, I opened a full-service recording studio and started working on projects from all over the US. I was fortunate enough to work with some motivated/signed/Grammy-winning performers and make great friendships along the way. Making great recordings continues to be my passion and I'm very thankful for all the artists who trust me with their songs. My work has been featured on Fox Television, MTV, ABC, Starbucks® radio, as well as numerous film/documentary soundtracks.


In addition to engineering at several studios in San Francisco, I have a studio in Hollywood where I spend my days mixing songs, helping artists develop their sound, and composing music for film. I occasionally emerge to play shows and tour with a few bands.


Thanks for listening.