"He's such a brilliant musician, aside from being a great producer."

- The Side Project, 95.3 KYRS Radio Interview

"The record you produced with Brett Hite is still one of my best sounding works."

- Tatsuya Sato, Engineer (Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Kanye West)



"The technical quality of the recording is nothing short of magnificent and showcases Varela's work behind the mixing board."

- The Inlander

"...he is considered one of the finest engineers in the area and is one of the most sought-after Pro Tools wizards we have."

- Lilac City Nightlife

"Joe Varela is money. ...I'm not talking about being a 'star' as in lights, camera, action, but rather real, human, radiance – the kind that shines no matter if it's day or night and shares it with anyone who comes within range."

- Spokane 7

"You still bring things out of me musically that I didn't know I had. ...My respect for you as a musician and a producer is pretty set in stone."

- Matthew Lindley (Portland-based singer/songwriter)

"Varela's live drums and downplayed digital beats stand out on the album as much as his matured production skills"

- The Spokesman Review

"Sometimes in life you will run across someone you are simply glad exists. Most of the time that is not the case; but in the case of Joe Varela, you get the idea that as long as people like him are alive and procreating, the human species may have a chance of not only surviving, but perhaps even evolving again."

- Nightlife Network Magazine


Los Angeles Laker Girls
Gonzaga University

Magical History Tour: A Beatles Retrospective
​The Children’s Health Guild

Flashmob America
Hollywood Connection Dance Convention
The Studio Dance Company
Simeon Dacumos


Capitol Records

Hopeless Records
Voicebox Records
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Matty Mullins (of Memphis May Fire)

The Side Project
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Brett Hite

Coretta Scott

Paper Mache

Back Row Kings
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